Thursday 7th April 2016 – Wilma’s hormones

She’s driving us all nuts. I know she doesn’t mean it, but Wilma is really the limit. She keeps sticking her bottom in my face but then apologises and says she really doesn’t know what comes over her. Our Mistress has tried to explain to her and has asked us all to be patient with her until the urges pass. Ari thinks it’s a hoot and has been playing wrestling with her at every opportunity. The only problem is that they take no notice of anything that gets in the way and have come close to knocking our Mistress’s computer monitor off the desk on more than one occasion. Outside is another story. Wilma and Ari cannot go outside together as it all gets somewhat out of paw, to put it mildly. Shadow is being protective and doing all she can to cover Wilma’s scent. I’m being paranoid and doing all I can to cover both Shadow and Wilma’s scents whilst actually trying to stay out of the way. I know we’ve only got a few days now until the worst is over, but it takes it out of a boy it really does.

I just want some peace and quiet and on that note really must say a huge thank you for all the good wishes you’ve been sending. I do appreciate them. Our Mistress is being lovely and taking good care of me. I’ve had runny eyes for a while now and she’s given me my own flannel so that when I go to bed each evening she can gently wash my face. It’s one of those lovely moments in the day when there is just her and me and everything is perfect. Then Wilma jumps on me and reality kicks in. At least I’ve stopped falling over after my anaesthetic now. It did take me ages to recover though, much longer than when I was younger. It’s really hard when you cock your leg to pee and slowly topple over.

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