Saturday 2nd April 2016 – Getting the Hang of Playing Ball

Until now Wilma hasn’t played much in the way of ball games. I’m not allowed to because of my elbows and although Shadow loves to play ball the ground has been so wet it hasn’t really been an option in the garden. Then of course is the fact that tennis balls wear our teeth down so for Wilma to look her best it’s not a good idea to overdo it. However, as she is in season our Mistress is having to find ways for her to use up some of her extra energy. They went out into the garden on Thursday afternoon so that Wilma could learn the basics. As far as I could see, this amounted to our Mistress throwing a ball, Wilma tearing round the garden at full pelt and then standing still while our Mistress went to retrieve the ball she’d thrown. I’m not really sure that’s supposed to be how it works, if it is I can’t see how it wears our teeth down, but I digress. However, it’s supposed to be played, Wilma must have enjoyed it as the first thing she did after getting up on Friday morning was to go and get the tennis ball from by the back door and see if our Mistress wanted to play. It was very cute, but given she was still in her pyjamas and dressing gown our Mistress said it would have to wait until later.

Originally our Mistress had thought she would keep Wilma amused with extra training but that all went very wrong very quickly. Wilma was so full of energy that she got a bit excited and swiped our Mistress’s hand with her paw. In doing that she managed to put her claw straight into one of the veins on the back of our Mistress’s hand. I’m surprised you didn’t hear the scream from there. Although the bleeding stopped the bruising is going to be spectacular and our Mistress was not happy.

I’m off to see who I can wind up today. Alfie’s still not feeling great so I’m at a bit of a lose end. I wish I could try playing ball too.

Love Ari

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