Friday 1st April 2016 – Happy April 1st – Love from Aristotle

It seems appropriate that I get to write today’s diary, being April Fool’s Day, (not that I’ve fooled anyone today) even though it’s not actually my turn. Alfie was feeling very out of sorts. He’s going for a biopsy on Tuesday and I don’t think the thought of it is doing him any good. When he went for a walk yesterday he got out of the car and just stood there with his head hung low, even though it was a beautiful sunny day. He managed a few steps with encouragement but our Mistress doesn’t like to push him when he clearly isn’t feeling up to it. What he really wanted to do was lie by her side and sleep all day, but as he didn’t want the rest of us around while he did that there had to be a compromise.

Me looking handsome on my walk yesterday

Anyway, Wilma is fed up at not being able to go for a walk and is bitterly disappointed that she has been offered a place on her bronze course but can’t accept as she would miss too many weeks of it. Now it means she won’t start until June, but our Mistress has promised she can learn loads of tricks by then instead. She’s almost ready to do her next video and as a surprise present our Mistress has bought her a book of 101 dog tricks to learn. Our Master thinks one of us should learn the trick on page 75 – go to the fridge, get a beer and bring it to him. They have a separate fridge with the drinks in, so you would think that should be safe for the food, except for two things. We’re bright enough to work out that the same principle will apply to any door and secondly I like beer and if anyone tries teaching me to do that they will simply find me in my crate with my paws up drinking the beer I have retrieved. It’s up to them whether it is worth taking that risk.

Shadow is on a ‘one month to get in shape’ campaign. She and Wilma will be attending their first dog show in just a month’s time and our Mistress has suggested to Shadow that it would not do any harm for her to lose a kilo or two in preparation. She has been a fairly steady weight in her adult life so she is of the opinion that losing some is unnecessary. Anyway, she is on a slight diet and getting increased exercise. To be fair, our Mistress is trying to do the same for herself, not for the show you understand but just because she needs to. Wilma is fed up as her food has been reduced while she can’t go for walks. I just help myself if I feel hungry – but don’t tell anyone!

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  1. Ari please tell Alfie Gill and Sammi are thinking of him and send him lots of hugs. You are very handsome Ari. Have a woofy tail waggy day. xx

  2. Hi Ari, please send love to Alfie and hope he is better soon. I wanted to ask you if you can solve this puzzle. All of a sudden everyone has changed names in my house. Anne and Jimmy are now Mummy and Daddy as they had a baby girl this morning and my Mum and Dad are now Gramps and Grannie. I am confused. Did I miss something?
    Everyone is excited and us poor dogs do not know why. I have been told I have to be good when they visit and definitely no barking —- sounds boring to me. Well must get ready for my walk. Love Dickens X

    • Oh I think I know the answer to this one. I think you are supposed to say ‘Congratulations’ and then prove what a wonderful breed of dog we are around babies. It probably makes you an uncle to the new arrival too, which is very exciting. The no barking thing is a hard one. You just have to try! There will be perks in a while when she starts trying to feed herself – then you sit as close as possible and smile.

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