Sunday 3rd April 2016 – Wild Wilma


Most of the time our Mistress does not think that Wilma deserves the name ‘Wild Wilma’ that she was nicknamed as a puppy. She is the loveliest dog out. However, while she is in season she cannot really go out for walks and all of a sudden she deserves the name! Our Mistress went out shopping for some of yesterday. Our Master needs something to wear to go for a wedding so we stayed at home and waiting for them to come back. To say that Wilma was going stir crazy by the time she came back would be a massive understatement. She was so pleased to see our Mistress that when she was taken outside to go to the toilet she kept running into the mud and then back and jumping up our Mistress. The clean clothes that she was hoping to wear to go out in the evening most certainly were no longer suitable! Usually, Wilma is only allowed to have the great big chew for a short time in an evening while we all watch television so that she is settled and quiet (though she chews pretty noisily, I can tell you!). Anyway, in order to occupy her Wilma has been given the big chew to keep her quiet for longer periods while she can’t go for walks. Our Mistress even found herself going round singing ‘Wild Thing’ by the Troggs which was a little bit worrying.

I think the thing that Wilma is most fed up about is that we’ve had a lot of rain and there is so much mud out there waiting to be rolled in. She tries to bring it in with her but she says it’s just not the same and our Mistress is fairly hot at making her leave it outside.

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