Thursday 31st March 2016 – Birds and Bees

Our little puppy is all growed up. Her first season has started and I think she’s finding it all a bit confusing. Shadow has sat down with her to explain what happens and had desperately tried to help her understand that there are benefits of wearing pants around the house. Wilma is not convinced about the pants that’s for sure. She’s also a bit fed up that the start has been accompanied by severe diarrhoea meaning she had to sleep downstairs as she’s not really got the hang of telling one of us soon enough to get her outside. Our Mistress is a softie so we all slept downstairs with her, except our Master who has got more sense. The bit that Wilma is most unhappy about is being told that for a couple of weeks or so she will not be able to go for walks or to her training classes. She has been a bit flighty on walks for the last couple of days so our Mistress did think it was imminent. I have been asked to do my usual job of telling our Mistress how her season progresses and what would be the right days to mate her if she were old enough. All of that gets written down so that our Mistress has a complete picture for when the time is right. It will be quite a while yet as not only does Wilma have to do all her tests first but she needs some time enjoying being young before she has to look after puppies of her own. She will start her health tests later this summer and then take it from there. She’s off to Switzerland in a couple of weeks to see her mum and see what happens in the final part of her breeding tests, our Mistress says she hopes she is far enough through her season for it not to be a problem, but we’ll have to see. If not she’s going to be spending an awful lot of time sitting in the car feeling fed up!

Our Mistress has been uploading the first of Wilma’s trick videos to the site for the course she is doing. She has to do 10 to pass her novice certificate and then do more for other levels. Here she is showing just a little of what she can do.

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