Sunday 27th March 2016 – A very Happy Easter

A very happy Easter to you all. I think I’m going to get to be the Easter Bunny today. With all the games in the village this afternoon there are prizes to be given out so I’m volunteering to help with that. There are Easter bonnets, but I suspect in this weather they will all blow off. Mum and Dad each have an Easter egg but I’m very happy with the present they have bought for me. I’ve got my very own great big chew to keep me occupied when we sit in the lounge in the evening. I’ve been stealing Shadow’s until now, but not I have one of my very own. Shadow has a new one too, to make up for me having eaten much of her last one.

Shadow ready for her walk
Shadow ready for her walk

It’s been a pretty good weekend all in all. Shadow is now much better and back to bouncing, which we’re all pleased about. And, although it’s early days, Alfie seems to be better than he has been for ages. He’s wanted to go for a walk three days running, which Mum has been really pleased about but apart from that he hasn’t been so grumpy and barky either so we’re all happy. We’re just hoping it carries on. It would be nice to have him feeling better, it’s been simply ages that he’s not been well.

I’ve been trying to get the hang of this changing the clocks thing. Actually, Mum says she wants us dogs to disregard it completely so she can at least think she’s stayed in bed a little later than has been the case recently. My confusion hasn’t been helped by the garden moving time zone a couple of days ahead of the rest of the house. While she was clearing out the summerhouse Mum put new batteries in the outside clock. She said she wasn’t climbing a ladder twice so she put it to the new time on Friday and said the rest of us could catch up. Now I’m completely confused.

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  1. Glad to hear Shadow and Alfie are feeling better. Have a lovely afternoon Wilma. I hope you all have a Happy woofy Easter. xx

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