Saturday 26th March 2016 – Dad to the Rescue

I had so much fun yesterday. Mum was clearing out the summer house so she can work out there this summer and I was helping. I got to sniff so many different things. There are all the things that were Shadow’s for when she had puppies and Mum says they will all be mine in another couple of years if everything goes ok. I tried to smell Dixie and Della on some of them as I know what they smell like, but they all got disinfected when they went away so I didn’t have much luck. There are also all the things that are used for the Ankörung in England, that’s the test we have to do to be allowed to breed. I got to see some of the things I’ll face in my character test, although I shall do mine in Switzerland if things go to plan. Then I found Aunty Megan’s old cool coat and Mum says I can use that for walks in the summer if it gets really hot and I need it. Anyway, once everything had been taken out Mum used the vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the cobwebs and spiders. Not all the spiders were dead yet when they got sucked up the cleaner. Then there was a problem. Mum doesn’t like spiders so she didn’t want to empty the cleaner bag in case they came scurrying out and she didn’t want to take the vacuum cleaner back in the house for the same reason. She said her easiest option might just be to go and buy a new vacuum cleaner, but that would be silly. She had to call Dad to come and sort it out for her which thankfully he did.

Shadow is not very well. We think it is a very bad bout of colitis. She had an upset tummy and was bleeding quite a lot so had to go to the vet. She’s on steroids and antibiotics and says she’s already feeling a bit better, which is good news. She was feeling so well before that too. Hopefully it will not be long before she’s bouncing again. She had to get on the scales at the vet and even though she’s smaller than me she weighs more. Our Mistress has told her she is going on a diet so she loses a kilo or two, you can imagine what Shadow said!

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  1. Hello “Mum”, sorry to hear you have a poorly tummy. I hope you are better soon. I had a lovely walk in the playing fields this morning. I met lots of my friends. Alfie the cockerpoo was there and he can run very fast so we had a great game of chase. I have been to the woods this afternoon but it is very windy and will soon be raining so I will not go far tomorrow. Just off for a nap. Love to you all Dickens XXXXX

    • Shadow says thank you. She’s feeling a lot better today and has managed a nice walk in the wind. Mum says that makes a change from her having wind, but I don’t think I’m supposed to have mentioned that!
      Have a great weekend

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