Sunday 13th March 2016 – Well Done Basil

I’m now home again and my Crufts experience for this year has come to an end, but what a day we had yesterday. I only had to be on the stand for an hour, so we spent some time going round other stands that we needed to see and watching some of the showing. I went to the Pets as Therapy stand to ask them what I need to do to go and do some work for them. I’ve brought the leaflets home to read and Mum says she will work on the requirements with me so I’m ready.

We did see this really good paddling and ball pool for dogs that I picked the leaflet up about and am wondering if I could ask for one for my birthday in the summer. Then we went to say hello to one of the people on the Dog World stand as Mum writes breed notes for them as well as other odd bits and pieces. I went with Mum to have a cup of coffee in the press office, which was great as it was nice and quiet and we also had a lovely picnic lunch outside to get away from the bustle for a while. Then we went to wait for the showing of the Entlebuchers. We are in a category called Import Register Any Varieties Working Group. I know it’s a bit of a mouthful, but basically there is us and the Great Swiss competing against each other. They are getting their own classes from April so unless any other breeds come onto the


import register we effectively get our own classes too. Dickens was the first up of the Entlebuchers in a class called Post Graduate Dog. He was looking very handsome, but he was in a funny mood and didn’t want to show the judge his teeth and wouldn’t do as he was told. His poor


Mistress was most put out by how he behaved, but we thought he looked the best in the class anyway. Then it was Basil on Limit Dog Class. He strutted round the ring as though he owned it, which he almost does by now. He came second in his class, but he was very good. Then we watched Addie in Postgraduate Bitch and she didn’t want to cooperate either so despite being the prettiest dog there, she

Front to back - Basil, Addie and Koppa and Me
Front to back – Basil, Addie and Koppa and Me

didn’t get placed. There was a French girl there, but we didn’t stay to see how she did as Mum wanted to start driving back before it got dark. I couldn’t get back to the car fast enough. Oh don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderful time, but I was tired out and wanted to get back to the comfort of home and we both wanted to see Alfie and see how he is. He was very pleased to see us when we got home. We had a mad run round and then fell sound asleep next to our Mum, either side of her on the settee, just how it should be.

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