Saturday 12th March 2016 – Falling in love with a Great Dane

IMG_2967Well it was another exciting day yesterday. I didn’t have to be on the stand until around lunchtime so we had chance for a coffee with a friend of Mum’s first. Then when we arrived Mum told me I had to carry Horsie myself today so he was in my rucksack with his ear flopping near mine. Lots of people kept saying I looked cute as we walked in. We visited a number of stands that Mum needed to go to and people kept taking my picture which I didn’t mind and fussing me, which of course I liked.

On the way in we spotted another Entlebucher having lunch with his family and Mum immediately recognised it was Buddy who I was going to be spending the afternoon with. I really liked him and we just wanted to play together. He’s 17 months old and full of fun. When we got to the stand Addie was there and she was delighted to see Mum and gave her a lovely welcome and I was happy to see Lia who I’d played with a few weeks ago. They had both been on in the morning and left us to it once we’d all had a good sniff hello. We met loads of lovely people again. It was Gun Dog judging day so there were loads and loads of Spaniels and Retrievers and all sorts of other IMG_2975gun dog breeds. We saw display teams showing their dancing with dogs skills and obedience skills it was amazing.

One thing that is annoying is that people seem to refer to the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog as just the Swiss Mountain Dog and then come up to us and say ‘Oh so you’re like a Swiss Mountain Dog.’ It’s really hard having to be patient with them and explain, we aren’t ‘like’ a Swiss Mountain Dog we ‘are’ a Swiss Mountain Dog and then Mum explains as carefully as she can that there are four in the series of dogs and the Greater Swiss is just one of the four.

IMG_2971On one of my breaks I met a Great Dane and I think I rather fell in love. He was huge but there was just something about him I liked. Mum said we cannot have one come to live with us however much I liked him, but he was rather lovely all the same.

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  1. Hi Wilma. Love hearing of your adventures at Crufts and the pics. Keep enjoying yourself. Have a happy tail waggy day. xx

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