Monday 14th March 2016 – Working Dog Blues

It’s Wilma again, I needed something to do as I was feeling a bit down. I enjoyed my time at Crufts so much, working in partnership with Mum all day was my idea of heaven. I came back down to earth with a bit of a bump yesterday with Mum wanting to catch up on deskwork and me expected to twiddle my paws. I suppose to be fair it had started before that. Sleeping on my own again was no fun. I hadn’t minded when I went to bed because I was really tired, but waking up at 1.45 without a warm body to snuggle against made me really miserable so I cried until she came and got me. Dad was cross with her for giving in, but she snuggled on the settee with me all the same and we went back to sleep.

Alfie finding a patch of sun

It was a beautiful sunny day and I was ready for another day out, but had to make do with helping with the odd household chore in between her catching up. Last week the coffee machine broke down, which in our house is a MAJOR disaster. It was replaced immediately, but unfortunately the new machine keeps turning itself off so it’s not going well. Then yesterday the washing machine stopped working. The fact that Mum knew how to say ‘our household appliances are broken’ in German didn’t actually make her feel any better about it. Now, here’s the odd thing, the washing machine isn’t even English so half the time no one is really sure which programme is which. It was bought while our humans lived in Belgium, which makes it slightly older than Alfie. I think that is making Mum feel a but more sensitive about it breaking down. Alfie’s still not well. His glands are still swollen and he’s feeling very tired and low. He went for a little walk but really just wanted to fall asleep in a small sunny spot across Mum’s legs.

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