Thursday 10th March 2016 – Life is Exciting

It’s Wilma here and I’m taking over the diary for a few days. I shall have so many exciting new experiences to tell you about. First off, I’ve decided I don’t want to refer to our Mistress as that. I want to call her what I do at home, so she’s Mum. Obviously it’s more confusing for Aristotle as he lives with his real mum, but my birth mother lives in Switzerland and I call her Mama anyway.

I don’t know where to start with everything there is today. I’ve packed my rucksack ready for later and I promise I’ll take lots of pictures. Not only will I bring you my first report from Crufts tomorrow but I shall have been on my first train journey too and that sounds pretty exciting. For the time being I have other exciting news. I passed my puppy course. I IMG_2958actually did really well, but I don’t want to boast. My friend Jas passed too but I don’t know if we’ll go on the bronze course together or whether we’ll be on different ones. Mum has promised to arrange a play date for us, so it’s not as though we won’t see each other. Dad came to see me in my final class at Puppy School and I felt very proud having him watching me. We got chance to show the tricks we’d learnt too and if it hadn’t been for a Jack Russell that’s better at tricks than he is at obedience then it would have been me getting the applause!

Mum was really sad leaving Alfie behind for a few days. She said if she didn’t have me to look after her she didn’t know how she would do it. Ari has promised to take care of Alfie and Mum has said if he feels worse and needs her then he should just ring and we’d be home just as soon as we could get there.

Anyway, I’m now staying with my grandparents for the next few days and have promised to be good. It’s a bit daunting as I have to sleep upstairs and the stairs are quite steep and I’m not used to them. Our Mistress has promised to put me on my lead for the way down until I get used to them so that if I slip she can give support. I’m sure I’ll have them sorted in a day or two. I am finding it odd without the others around and though I don’t like to say too much about it to Mum, I’m worrying about Alfie too as he’s my best friend in the whole world.

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  1. Congratulations Wilma. Very well done. Have a lovely time at Crufts. Looking forward to seeing the pics and your updates. Love to Alfie, I’m sure Ari will take good care of him. xx

    • Thank you. I’ve just got back and I’m worn out from today, but you can read about that in the morning.
      Love Wilma

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