Wednesday 9th March 2016 – Worrying about Alfie

That was my chew!

It’s Ari here again. Alfie is taking a little time out at the moment to see if rest will help him get better. He went to the vet again yesterday and she gave him a thorough examination. He still has multiple swollen glands. The vet says she thinks that they have gone down a little, which may mean it’s good news and has put him on an extended course of antibiotics to see if they go down completely. She thinks the swelling on his thyroid has gone down a little too. All in all it may be positive, but if they don’t respond to the antibiotics then it may be much more serious and he may have to have a biopsy. Our Mistress had already worked all that out for herself before going to the vet so none of it was a surprise to her, but it’s always difficult when someone else gives voice to your deepest fears. We are all doing what we can to give him peace and quiet, even I’m cooperating. Our Mistress has asked if I’d mind being on the lead in the office so that I don’t bother him. He’s sleeping quite a lot and really doesn’t want any additional stress. The good side of that is I get to sit at our Mistress’s feet and am not in the other room, so it seems to be working for all of us. He’s eating well so that’s one thing. He’s going out for a walk every day to see if he wants to sniff the air, but some days he doesn’t want to go and only does a few hundred yards, then other days he walks for miles. I’ve promised to be good and take care of him while she’s away at Crufts. It’s quite complicated to remember all his tablets, so I’ve written it all down. I want our Mistress to give me a hug and reassure me that he’ll be ok, but I know she can’t make that assurance just yet. I did get the hug though. We are all hoping that by this time next week he’ll be bouncing around again and be ready to go swimming rather then me having to keep going!

On the brighter side Wilma’s cough has cleared up completely and she is packing her bags for Crufts. She has been running round madly trying to decide which of her toys to take, limited by the fact she will have to carry whatever she decides on. She will be bringing you all the news for a few days from tomorrow while I concentrate on looking after Shadow and Alfie.

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  1. Oh Ari poor Alfie. I do hope he will be feeling better soon. Sammi sends him a big lick and hopes it will help. You take good care of hjm. Have a tail waggy day. xx

    • I promise I’ll do my best. Our Mistress doesn’t want to leave him behind for a few days. She is quite upset. Have a woofly day.

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