Saturday 27th February 2016 – Best Friends

Morning everyone, it’s Ari here again. And if truth be known I’m becoming a little jealous of Wilma. First off she still has a bone and she won’t share it with me. If I go off with it, she goes running to our Mistress and tells on me – and I’m not kidding either! Ok, so I know we had bones at the same time, but can I help the fact I chomped my way through mine and there’s none left? Secondly she gets a filled bone in a morning and I want one. Ok, I get a chew and she doesn’t but I want a filled bone as well. Then there are the training treats. She gets the ones that smell like smoky bacon and I want them. I was offered some others on our walk. Oh I came when called the first time and the second. I even ran to our Mistress the third time, but I looked at the treat I was being offered, looked at our Mistress in disappointment and just walked away. If she wants me to do obedience training she is going to have to up the stakes to the smoky bacon treats.

Fleur and Wilma playing when they should have been learning Ringcraft!
Fleur and Wilma playing when they should have been learning Ringcraft!

Now we get to the real gripe. Wilma is going out with our Mistress to training classes several nights a week. She comes back full of tales of the things they’ve done together and of which dogs are her best friends. She comes back excited because of all the praise she’s had and telling me what her plans are and I’m jealous. I want to have doggy best friends. To be honest, I thought that was what Wilma was going to be – my best friend, but she’s got Fleur and Jazz and Monty and I’m feeling left out. I thought maybe I should talk to her about it but I don’t really know where to start.

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