Friday 26th February 2016 – Humans are not normal

I’ve lived around humans for over ten years and I have to say, they’re odd. Ok, so it may be the particular type of humans I know, but these ones are definitely odd. Humans say that dogs are not always easy to understand, but let’s face it when have we been known to get together with a group of people pretend someone has died and then pretend to work out who the pretend killer is? Not only that, but call it part of a birthday celebration! It’s the last part of our Mistress celebrating her 50th birthday, which if you have good memories was actually almost six months ago. Anyway, oddly she and some of her nearest and dearest are spending their time investigating a murder or four and calling it a game. A Murder Mystery, no less. Please, never try to say that either I or my fellow dogs are odd. We may not do things quite the way a human expects but we don’t go to quite such lengths to confuse and confound you as that!

How our Master is going to cope with the prospect of dead bodies, even if they are pretend ones, is anybody’s guess. He had the stitches taken out of his foot yesterday and the dressing change and the sight of that made him come over quite faint and need a lie down. Our Mistress was less than sympathetic which in the circumstances seems a little mean. When he got home it was Shadow who sat with him to make sure he was ok and be there in case he needed anything. She’s good at being the nurse. She has such a caring side, unlike our Mistress! Although to be fair she always has the time and patience to look after anything we dogs need, so I can’t really complain.

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