Sunday 28th February 2016 – Murder Most Foul

Why can’t I go on a murder weekend? Forget what Alfie said about humans being odd, I want to be there to sniff out the answer. It’s mean having our Mistress ringing us to talk through all the clues and ask what we think. We want to be there, or at least Wilma and I do. Shadow said it wasn’t really for her as she’d just want to make the injured people better. Alfie said he really didn’t get it and thought all that blood might make him queasy, but Wilma and I could work to solve the crimes. We could be super-sleuth dogs. I think Wilma might make friends with everyone and they would let their guard down and tell her all their deepest secrets. I’d just pick the locks and rifle through their rooms. By contrast our Mistress is working her way through all the evidence to see if she can work it out that way, but I think she needs our help. She will be home soon and I just know she’s going to want to talk about it and I’ll be all grumpy with her because I’ve been left out, unless she’s brought me back a treat in which case I’ll be her best friend again.

Wilma and Horsie
Wilma and Horsie

Meanwhile we are stuck behind. Shadow and I are together and playing, while Wilma looks after Alfie. I said we could play our own murder game here, but Alfie wasn’t so keen and Shadow said she would only play if she could chase the birds in the garden and use them as the victims. I pointed out it was supposed to be pretend and she went off the idea then. I said we could use Wilma’s cuddly toys as the victims, but she said she didn’t want that to happen as she’s very fond of horsie and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him. I could quite see myself as Sherlock Dog.

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