Thursday 11th February 2016 – Pancake Tossing

Tuesday, being Shrove Tuesday, our village set out to have a bit of fun. We had our first every pancake tossing competition. It was aimed at the humans as sadly we find the pans a little hard to hold before you even get to the question of whether we could toss a pancake. Being the first time they have done it, our Mistress did wonder how it would go but she said that everyone had a fabulous time and lots of people took part. The winner managed to toss the pancake 105 times in the space of a minute. Our Mistress concluded, following her creditable 78, that it helps if you play racket sports. At least, she concluded that after she got her breath back as to her surprise she got a bit carried away in taking part. They have a shield that the winners name will go on and next year he will have to come back and defend his title! Do other countries do things like that or is it just the crazy English? They are having egg rolling and an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday too. I’m rather hoping we might be able to take part in those, but I fear I am being optimistic.

Our human granny has not been well, but we hope is improving now. It has prompted Wilma to ask if she can train to be a therapy dog so she can go on visits to cheer people up when they are ill. Our Mistress has said she needs to focus on walking nicely to heel first and then once she has got the hang of that, she will look into it. Ari wanted to do it when he was young, but then he found he didn’t always like the people he met so decided he’d probably prefer not to. Wilma loves everyone and would be ideal, if she could curb her enthusiasm.

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