Friday 12th February 2016 – Two Excited Dogs

It doesn’t take much to get Aristotle and Wilma excited, but this certainly has. Me, I like to rest and have grown pretty stubborn with old age, but they are still young and the prospect of doing something different always appeal. Anyway, after an American friend said how proud of her dogs she is for gaining their Novice Trick Dog award with Do More with Your Dog, both Aristotle and Wilma have asked if they can enrol on the course. They already do a pretty good double act training together, so it does make sense. All the training is available as on-line demonstrations and then you can upload videos of how well you are doing so that you can be assessed for your different levels of competence. Shadow said you wouldn’t catch her doing something like that, but she’s always been fairly contrary over structured training. She learns everything, she just won’t do it to order and I guess I can see where she’s coming from. Ari will do anything as long as the bribe being offered is good enough and Wilma just loves to please our Mistress, so they will be happy. Why don’t you let us know if any of you decide to sign up too?

It’s very exciting more of our breed are planning to have a go at going in the show ring here. It has been slow for them to get going, but next year there won’t be other breeds in most of our classes and as everyone in the Club are such good friends it will all hopefully be a bit of fun. As a breed we don’t really do politics and are just happy to see our friends doing well. Basil will be kept on his toes with the others competing against him, but he says he’s really looking forward to showing them the ropes and is delighted they will be flying the flag for the breed. I could have done it in my younger day. I was a handsome boy, but I’m a bit on the old side now so I’ll just encourage the others. Go Team Entlebucher.

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  1. Exciting times in your household. You are still handsome Alfie. Have a lovely tail waggy, woofy day all of you. xx

  2. Reading about all the things your mistress does each week leaves me feeling exhausted! Where does she find the time and energy to fit it all in?

  3. Good Luck Wilma and Ari hope you can get the award. I am like my Mum ( Shadow)where training is concerned I will do it when I want to!
    I am very pleased to hear there are going to be more of us showing. It will be great for all the spectators to see just what a lovely breed we are and a great opportunity to meet up in between fun days. Love to you all Dickens X woof, woof!

    • Oh dear, taking after your mum is not good when it comes to training. Thankfully Ari doesn’t! Have a woofly day.

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