Wednesday 10th February 2016 – Training Classes

Best paw forward

How many dog training classes does one girl need? On a Tuesday Wilma is going to puppy classes with a training school that does the Kennel Club scheme. On a Thursday she is going to ringcraft classes, but they are not every week. You’d think that was enough, but no, she has now enrolled in another local club that meets on a Monday night. My Mistress says the only real problem is that they all train in slightly different ways and whilst Wilma might be bright enough to be able to work out what she needs to do in each one, our Mistress may not be! One of two things is going to happen. Either Wilma will be the best trained dog in the house or Wilma will have got our Mistress trained just the way she wants her, it could go either way!

Shadow is bouncing around with excitement too. The story I told you a couple of weeks ago about the time her microchip failed when she went to Switzerland has won her the runners-up prize in the competition. That means that a six-month supply of Arden Grange food is on it’s way to us and she and I will share it. I’m just waiting to find out if we’ll be able to eat it in addition to our usual food, which would seem fair seeing as we won it.

Wilma and Shadow
Wilma and Shadow

She and Wilma are also pretty pleased with themselves as yesterday they went for their first walk together, both of them with just our Mistress. They didn’t argue once and both of them enjoyed having the other one there. It means that if the number of walks our Mistress has to do is fewer in a day then the two of them will get to walk a little further each day which suits them very well. They are already giving our Mistress   a list of all the places they’d like to go. Our Mistress says they need to slow down with that suggestion as Wilma will still need time on her own for training. She was less thrilled by that suggestion.

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