Tuesday 9th February 2016 – An interview with Basil about Crufts

Alfie being determined

It’s Wilma here and Alfie is letting me do an extra post this week about Crufts. I thought it would be fun to interview Basil about what it’s like going to Crufts and taking part. He Dickens and Addie will be there again this year and whilst I know they aren’t related to me, I think of them as my big brothers and sisters with living with Shadow. So here is what I asked him:

  • What do you have to do to prepare for your big day? Tell us about any special beauty regime you have. I know you’re a boy, but there must still be things.
Basil in the ring
Basil in the ring

Crufts is the only show that I get pampered for. My human takes me to see her friend who gives me the full works. I dislike the hair dryer thing, it’s very strange but afterwards I am so soft and my coat is super shiny. It’s not all bad though as these people make yummy treats and I get to see the sausage lady. For a general championship show I only get a bath if I’m super muddy, otherwise it’s s quick clean and go which is nice and easy.

  • What do you enjoy most about being in the show ring?

I enjoy working with my human mum, I love to make her proud. I also like to show off just how handsome I am and what an awesome breed we are

  • What has been your worst moment in the show ring?

Well that depends on who you ask! I didn’t like it when my human mum was pregnant and our friend Amy took me in the ring as I lost my confidence and didn’t like the judge. If you ask Robyn she’ll tell you it was when I was a pup and decided I wasn’t going to move and I grabbed her arm instead wanting duck and barked the whole time, or when I barked at the judge and she jumped so high, but that was rather funny *waggy tail*

  • What has been your proudest moment so far?

My proudest moment was winning my class at crufts last year and then being awarded reserve best dog. I have a fancy green crufts rosette! The judge said I was within a whisker of winning best dog!!

  • Which is your best side, left or right?

Roooo I think my right, purely for the fact that side has white on my muzzle and hides the mischief line on my left *waggy tail*

  • What does your human do that you would change if you could?

She holds my leg to stop me sitting down on the judge when they check my manhood! I’d rather they didn’t touch me there as it tickles but am told its one of those things they have to do!

  • What do you do to unwind after a show?

Rooo that depends on the location. I anyways get a nice walk after I have done some shopping at the show. When we go to Malvern shows there is s lovely little village we visit after and go for s pub lunch overlooking the river, it’s very relaxing and pretty. If we are close to home I get a good game with my ball.

  • How do you celebrate if you win?

At summer shows I get an ice cream! Well to be fair my human mum is very good as she

always gets me an ice cream regardless as she says she always takes the best dog home and as long as I do my best she can ask no more. I just like getting a new ball to run around and show off with *waggy tail*

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