Saturday 10th September 2011 – Shadow has severe wind!

Shadow has enough wind to power a turbine. It’s bad enough when she is not pregnant but at the moment it is beyond a joke. Yesterday not only was the smell really quite unbearable but on one occasion she farted so loudly that she then got up moved away looking shocked and tried to blame one of us. It was hilarious, until the smell caught up with me and then I can tell you that having a sensitive nose is not such a good thing.

On a rather happier note it won’t be long before I have a thousand friends on Facebook. When I last checked I had 962, but I add some every day. I ought to start monitoring and giving a price to the person who is number 1000. I could give them a copy of my book, which would be rather fun as long as they have an e-reader of some sort. I suppose they could always read it on the computer otherwise and they must have one of those to be on Facebook. My Mistress has just seen what I was writing and pointed out they could be using Facebook on a mobile phone and it is very hard to read a whole book on such a small screen. She may have a point. I just wish they were all local friends. Can you imagine how much fun I could have if I could get them all together? Most of them are four-legged friends so between us we could cause havoc. You know how sometimes human children accidentally put on facebook that they are having a party and then lots of other human children turn up and gate-crash, do you think the same principle works with dogs? If I were to put that I was having a doggy party, would I get lots of dogs I’ve never seen before turning up? I’m past the age of wanting to be irresponsible. I’d be worried they would damage my garden, quite apart from worrying about the noise. I’ll leave being irresponsible to the next generation of pups.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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