Sunday 11th September 2011 – Megan poses for the test video

I’ve been working very hard on the video arrangements for when the puppies arrive. Today I am doing a test upload of a video for you all to see if it works and let me know if there are any problems. When I am running around with buckets of water and hot towels will not be the time to tell me that something is not working and you can’t see very well. I asked Megan to pose in this one and made a silent movie, nothing very exciting but marginally more interesting than someone saying “1, 2, 3, testing” into a microphone before an event. Before you tell me, I know there is no sound in the background. The microphone is very sensitive, so although I will post some videos where you can hear the puppies little squeaks, for the most part I will be posting without sound so you don’t hear the detritus of our life in the background. I did ask Shadow to pose but she said that she wasn’t feeling quite herself this morning and would I mind doing it another day. She was at least polite about it, so I don’t think she is going back on her agreement for me to film everything. Either email me or use the comments box with any thoughts you have.

Follow this link to get the test video

What was really funny was first thing this morning. James is away so Shadow is sleeping in our room with my Master and Mistress. At around 5.30am Megan and I get up and climb into bed with my Mistress. We’ve found ways to make it work and we all fall asleep again, with no one getting in my Master’s way. Well this morning Shadow tried to get in too. There is definitely not room on one side of the bed for a human, one large male dog, one medium female dog and very heavily pregnant Shadow. As the lesser of two evils my Mistress decided to get up early instead!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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