Friday 9th September 2011 – Spoiling for a fight

It has taken until now for me to get the story of what happened in Megan’s dog exam out of either Megan or my Mistress. I realised my Mistress wasn’t in a good mood when she came home and Megan was looking a little sheepish to put it mildly, so I didn’t really like to ask. As it turns out to say they were marked as ‘not yet ready’ would be an understatement. Now fair enough, Megan did miss the first 3 weeks of the course because of all the problems with Shadow and it has been difficult to fit the time in to taking her out for one to one training while the boys have been here in the summer, but there is no excuse for what actually happened. Going to the test my Mistress was confident that Megan was quite capable of 8 of the 10 exercises and to be fair could do the other two perfectly well if she put her mind to it. Sadly, she didn’t put her mind to it and all in all she only passed two of the ten exercises and none of the ones that required any initiative on either her or my Mistress’s part. The examiner said she would be prepared to put money on the fact that Megan is coming into season from the fact that on one exercise when she is normally very well behaved and has never put a paw wrong, she suddenly decided to jump up and mouth my Mistress and also try to nip her feet. My Mistress has a very large bruise and is now having to remind Megan in no uncertain terms who the pack leader in this house is. Megan is a little subdued but learning fast. I think some of the problem is all the hormones flying around, that and the fact that normally Shadow keeps Megan in check but is at present indisposed.

Megan has said she is sorry and will try harder next time. To be fair what they were able to teach my Mistress about how to check her in the way a dog pack leader would has been a very useful exercise so all was not lost and harmony is returning to our hormone laden household, which from my point of view has to be a good thing.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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