Wednesday 17th August 2011 – A little knowledge…

My Mistress has reached an important conclusion. She has realised that the saying ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ isn’t actually correct. In her words, ‘It isn’t the little knowledge that’s dangerous, it’s the gaping hole in understanding that sits next to it that causes the problems.’ I think she may well have a point!

This morning it isn’t the hole in understanding which is causing an issue, but the holes in her favourite pyjamas. She tells the rest of the family that once clothes have started to develop brand new holes that they didn’t come with then it really is time to think of throwing them away. She isn’t so keen to apply the same rules to her own clothes where they are especial favourites. I’ve spotted a tee shirt or two in the wardrobe that are being given the benefit of the doubt, but it’s fair to say that her favourite pyjama top is not long for this world. It would only take one of us to be sitting on the edge of it when she tried to roll over in bed for the whole thing to fall apart. I held it up and showed her all the daylight flooding through, but she refuses to accept that it is completely useless yet. I think I might have a look on the internet to see if I can find her a replacement. It isn’t that she doesn’t have other pyjamas, it’s just she particularly likes the style of this top. She finds it comfy. I suppose it’s not that different to me still sleeping in the same bed I had as a puppy even though I grew out of it years ago and was a bought a lovely new one that is plenty big enough. I let Megan sleep in the new one. She thinks that makes her more important, she doesn’t understand that I am just very attached to the old one.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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