Thursday 18th August 2011 – The joy of compost

A compost fetish

I regret to say that Megan has developed a compost bin fetish. Now I know I may have told you previously that I am not averse to eating a little compost and if that was what she was doing then I would be the last one to criticise. It is the bin rather than the compost she has developed an affection for. There is little hatch from where my Mistress can take compost if she wants to put it on the garden and Megan keeps removing the hatch and running off round the garden with it. She is getting into all sorts of trouble for the behaviour. If my Mistress were not so observant, I would bide my time and then nibble the exposed compost, but to be honest from how cross she is with Megan it doesn’t seem worth it.

Generating your own compost in a garden with dogs is a bit of a pointless exercise anyway. The problem is that when it comes out, it is just too rich in nutrients for us to be able to resist. Anything that is planted in the compost stands no chance of survival, unless it is incredibly prickly and unpleasant. We just cannot resist digging the plant up to get to the tasty compost. It would be the same issue if my Mistress were to invest in horse manure. At the end of the day it means that only the plants in the front garden can benefit. In reality it means we are developing a large heap of compost that doesn’t get used. The exciting bit is that I am told that the compost needs turning over. I’m just hoping that my Mistress is stupid enough to do that while we are all out in the garden together. If she does we will be a very happy pack of dogs, although possibly a little sick later in the day.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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