Tuesday 16th August 2011 – An activity holiday

It’s funny what people do to make themselves feel as though they aren’t being left out. The rest of the family are going on holiday for a week on Friday, but my Mistress is staying at home to look after all of us. In truth she is staying to look after Shadow, who she wants to take extra special care of, but it amounts to the same thing. Anyway, she is saying that she is going on an activity holiday from Friday. The boys might be planning to drive dirt buggies, play tennis, ride bicycles and do lots of other activities but my Mistress is not to be outdone. She is planning to take us for lovely walks, make marmalade and sorbet and progress her project to insulate the summer house. Now I realise some people might dispute that actually constituting a holiday, but she is looking forward to it and has promised not to spend the week working. I’m sure she’ll end up working a little bit, she always does, but if she does all those things with us then we are all going to have fun. I do rather enjoy helping when she cooks. Visitors come out with comments like ‘Surely he doesn’t like orange?’ I just reply ‘Try me!’ The truth is that I’ve never found a food stuff I don’t like. I’ve found one or two that don’t like me, but that is altogether a different thing.

I have had to reach the sad conclusion that ‘global warming’ is either a myth or an inappropriate name. I could accept ‘deluge’ or ‘washout’ but I dispute the warming bit. Our temperatures only seem to creep up to roughly average for the time of year, which frankly is disappointing. We would particularly like next week to be dry so we can spend lots of time outside during our holiday.

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