Monday 15th August 2011 – The canine industrial revolution

If all has gone to plan, sometime in the last few hours we will have moved onto our new software platform. You need to make sure your favourites are bookmarked to that you are in the right place. You’ll have to let me know what you like and what you don’t like about the new look so that I can make some changes. Do have a look round. I’ve included some extra bits. There’s a section now that tells you about our little pack and you can even find the examples of my t-shirts and sweatshirts direct from my pages. Better still, I’ve selected a few things from Amazon for the discerning dog and owner and you might like to have a little look round my store. I’ve put my favourite books and videos in. My Mistress said she thought she ought to have some say, but I said if I was doing it I wanted it to be the things I liked. I need to go back through all the older posts and add some categories and things and maybe a few photos to keep you amused, but basically I’m happy with what I’ve done. Until that is you tell me you don’t like it, but I can take it. Constructive criticism is good for you, or so I keep telling my Mistress when there are things she could improve on, such as how much space she leaves for me in bed.

thinking things through with Shadow

I don’t want my blog to look too commercial and as though I’m only here to sell you things, but I want to prove that a dog can earn his own living, even as a writer. I’ve might have been bred to herd cattle but there’s nothing wrong with turning my abilities to more academic pursuits. I see it as the advance of canine civilization. That’s not to say that I consider herding dogs to be less civilized, I save that prejudice for Poodles  and Jack Russells, I just think this is the natural progression from us all having to work on the land. It’s the canine equivalent of the industrial revolution.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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