Sunday 14th August 2011 -Fancy dress

I thought my new diary was going to be live by now. I’m feeling very fed up and disappointed as despite my hard work I am still waiting for someone to flip the right switch to make it all possible. I have emailed them to explain they can’t have pressed the right button, but I don’t think they can know which button I mean as we haven’t had an answer. My Mistress got very annoyed the other day as she did get an answer to a problem addressing her as ‘Rose’ rather than ‘Rosemary’ and that really didn’t go down well. ‘Look on the bright side,’ I said, ‘at least they didn’t address you as Rosie!’ That would have been an unforgiveable sin. It isn’t that she has anything against the name Rosie, it’s just that she doesn’t want to be called that, by anyone!

My Mistress’s costume has arrived for the Pub’s fancy dress party. I’m pleased to say it fits and she is very pleased with it. Her biggest dilemma is whether to make it an authentic Alice in Wonderland and wear a blonde wig or whether on this occasion Alice should have red hair. I’m waiting to see my Master dressed up in his outfit. He’s going to be a pirate and seems to have a wig of long black hair for his. It will be funny seeing him with long hair. I asked for the Robin costume from ‘Batman’, it was available in a ‘pet’ range on the site. I thought if I dressed as a human I might get away with attending the party, but my Mistress says it doesn’t work that way. James will be dressed as an animal, but he won’t be refused entry because of it.

The world can be a very animalist place and all because humans get to make the rules.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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