Saturday 13th August 2011 – We need some sheep

One of my Mistress’s friends is coming to stay this weekend, which is good news as it means there is an extra pair of hands for dog stroking. I’m not sure what the plans are but I’m hoping there will be plenty of time to sit around on the settee, which I am always up for. Megan is bidding to go out for a long walk and Shadow is asking for some peace and quiet. Maybe all our individual requirements can be met over the course of the weekend. I might just spend some more time fiddling around the edges of getting my diary the way I want it ready to put it live on the new software. That way I can start preparing my Woodland stories for publication in the next couple of weeks. It’s all very exciting.

The garden is starting to look as though if we don’t get some sheep soon the grass will be impossible to cut. My Mistress has said there is no point in getting the mower out when it is as wet as this as it will just churn the grass up. I asked if we could perhaps start with the hairdryer and blow-dry it into submission ready for cutting, but apparently the cable isn’t long enough to do the whole lawn. Something is telling me that may just be a convenient excuse not to use my good idea. It’s all right for my Mistress, she doesn’t have to use the back garden as a toilet. Will she not understand that when the grass is that long it gets very tickly when you squat down over it? I prefer to find a spot without any grass so sometimes disappear behind the bushes, but I do realise that makes clearing up after me more difficult. I’m willing to strike a deal. If my Mistress will keep the grass short then I will go where she doesn’t have to get scratched by bushes in order to clean up after me. Seems fair.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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