Friday 12th August 2011 – planning for the puppies

Shadow is still sitting with her paws up, playing the lady of leisure to perfection. Megan is feeling a bit down and missing her family in Switzerland. She wishes we all lived closer together so that she could see them more often. I chased her round the garden to cheer her up and she seemed grateful for that. She needs to start doing some practising for dog training as she has already missed quite a few of her gold classes and her exam is soon. It would be amazing is she could pass, so that she has gone through all three consecutively.

Now, I know I said we wouldn’t start buying things for the puppies until we knew that Shadow was definitely pregnant, but we had some moments of weakness. I gave the list of things I’d found to my Mistress and she went through it carefully. (You can see some of the items here) My argument was that we were going to need all these things sooner or later so it would be good to buy them ready. It turns out the breeding pen will take a couple of weeks to come so it was a good thing that I persuaded my Mistress to make a start. The most exciting thing that has already come is the puppy collars. They are all different colours so that you can tell which puppy is which right from when they are tiny. I think when they are very tiny they will be too small for the collars so we still need to solve the immediate problem, but they are so cute. They are the puppy equivalent of buying little bootees ready for a baby arriving. I can’t wait to be an honorary dad. Those puppies are going to have more loving care than they will ever need. Shadow is quite certain she isn’t going to need our help, but I’m sure she will get to a point when she has had enough and needs a break. Then Pappa Alfie can step in to assist.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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  1. Cute story! I know what you mean about wanting to shop for the puppies before they arrive 🙂 I couldn’t help but splurge on about five different collars for each of my little doggies before they were born!

    hehe, guess that makes me a bit of a dog fashion addict or something…

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