Monday 11th July 2011 – The shredding jigsaw.

It’s great having my cousin around. I only have to go and present myself and I’m stroked and pampered. He’s going to try to help me with the bits I’m stuck on in moving my diary too, which is a bonus. My Mistress has reminded me that he is here to help her with a list of jobs, but I’m sure she can’t mean they are more important than the things I want to do. I really like having him around and have asked if he could stay all summer, but it seems he has other plans.

If things go according to plan then my Mistress will get her wing mirror fixed today. She’s found a lovely local garage that are going to sort it out for her. As the broken bit should just clip in they said they wouldn’t even make a charge for fitting it. It’s nice when you find people like that, it makes you want to go back to them. It was the same on Saturday morning. My Mistress has been trying to do too many things at once and every so often that means that something doesn’t work out quite right. On this occasion it had to do with her new business bank account. She had put the debit card aside to take it to a cash point to activate on Saturday. There was just one tiny problem. In her efficiency mode last week she had managed to shred the pin number. She looked in the shredder to see what the possibility of sticking it back together looked like and to be honest it would have taken months to work out the jigsaw, given it wasn’t the only thing shredded. It meant ringing the bank and being very nice and asking them to reissue because she had been stupid. The funny bit, apart from her grovelling was that she had done the same with my Master’s and they needed to speak to him in person before they could reissue. He was still in bed, so my Mistress took the phone to him and in a very sleepy voice he spoke to the lovely lady at the bank even though at that point he hadn’t got a clue what it was about. He was a very good sport about it and the lady the other end found it all highly amusing. My Mistress is going to be a little more methodical and organised this week, or at least that is what she intends.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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