Tuesday 12th July 2011 – Entlebucher Fun Day

Sunday’s Entlebucher fun day was amazing. The most exciting bit was meeting Apple the Appenzeller. I’ve never played with an Appenzeller before she was really rather lovely. It was good to see some of my old friends too. Guapo hasn’t been so well, but he’s recovering. He hasn’t been so ill that he can’t beat me at biscuit catch which is the game I thought I was good at until I watched him. He’s a master. I’ve asked if we can practice more at home, but my Mistress said I’ve have to stop being so lazy first, otherwise I’ll put on weight.

The girls ran round all day. I find it incredible how long some dogs will simply go after a ball. There comes a point where you really should be turning round to your human and saying ‘Will you stop being so stupid. If you lose it one more time I am not going to go and bring it back for you and it will all end in tears!’ The funny thing is, the humans that keep throwing their balls away are often the same ones you see walking small children in pushchairs having to pick up the toys the children keep dropping and asking them to stop doing it. You would think they would learn from that for their own toys.

I know this may not sound exciting to most of you, but to my Mistress it is wonderful news. My cousin has dug out the big strip of front garden that she wants to expand the herb garden into and she can now start growing some even more unusual types of herbs to the 20 she already has. I’m waiting to see what she decides on. To my way of thinking it is just going to mean more weeding, but she doesn’t seem to mind that.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk

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