Tuesday 5th July 2011 – Back to front

It was funny, my Mistress asked the printers for a sample book that was similar in quality to the one we will have printed. When it arrived I am pleased to say that it really looks very good, the only thing that was confusing to us was that it was in Arabic, I think. That meant that it reads from back to front, so the cover is at the back and the back is at the front and to our way of thinking the page numbering is the wrong way round. My Mistress hasn’t looked at many books like that in her life so she was quite fascinated. Of course she has no idea what the book is about, but it looks good anyway. I presume they are planning to print my Mistress’s book in English.

When my granny stayed last time she said we needed a little shelf in the bathroom that she uses. ‘Little shelf’ she said, so what does my Mistress do? Does she buy a little shelf or does she look at the bathroom as a whole project and buy a cupboard a tall unit and a little seat? I do hope Granny will like them or it’s all going to have been a bit of a waste of effort seeing as I had to help build them as well. They need to come to stay again soon so they can see them and so that Grandpa can ‘play trains’ on the layout my master has created. It’s not good when you get complaints from the children in the house that they are trying to sleep and all they can hear is trains running through the house. I simply went and asked for a return to Leicester, but he said he wasn’t running quite that far yet.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk

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