Monday 4th July 2011 – The mower’s revenge

I can’t believe it’s less than a week until our Entlebucher Fun Day. I’m really looking forward to seeing all my friends. By now we expected that Shadow would have been to Switzerland and come back and would be able to tell everyone about it. My Mistress never imagined for a minute that she would still be waiting to go. Leaving it this long is so unhelpful in lots of ways, not least of which it is now the summer holidays in some places so the travel will be busier and more expensive. Ah well, never let it be said that Shadow is a dog who can be rushed. Everything in her own time.

My Mistress has been waiting for the old mower to run out of petrol to try the one that had been sitting in a box and been forgotten about. She was quite excited as the one in the box was ‘powered’ and would take all the effort out of the work. These things never quite go as planned. Firstly it was a bit like progressing to a motorised go cart from a bicycle. My Mistress had got the hang of motorcycling quite quickly and unless going downhill could stop very easily. However suddenly she had an engine and forgot that it only stopped if you let go of the bar and there she was in the flowerbed before realising. Fortunately the extent of flowerbed that was ‘mown’ was fairly limited but she realised how important it was to keep it under control. That was the point we all came out of the way and watched from a distance. The experiment didn’t last long as the poor mower didn’t cope very well with the various holes that have accidentally developed in the lawn. It kept getting stuck and having to be lifted out. My Mistress also concluded that whilst less tiring to use she could actually go much faster with the other one. I suspect you can look out for a mower appearing on Ebay quite soon!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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