Wednesday 6th July 2011 – Building self-assembly furniture

What is the point in self-assembly furniture if it all works out right first time? How is a dog to laugh at his owners if they don’t get all the parts in the wrong places? The units I told you about yesterday have been constructed. Sadly for me, they were the best designed self-assembly units that my Mistress has constructed for a long time. I always get myself a ring-side seat for this sort of thing. I position myself on the pretext of being there to help when required, although in truth it really isn’t my sort of thing. My Master has tried the same positioning but in his case it usually results in him being called upon to do some work so he’s give up on that approach. Anyway, there I was with my head on my paws, pretending to doze but watching out of the corner of my eye for it all to go horribly wrong and it didn’t. All the parts had letters on so you knew which was which. My Mistress laid them out in alphabetical order so she could find them and then followed the instructions, which were amazingly well prepared. Success for my Mistress and disappointment for the dog. I suppose the prize should go to Tesco for making such good kits, but would they not think more seriously about pet entertainment and maybe next time at least have the decency to include a big chew or a ball?

Shadow had a lovely email from two of her brothers. They have moved to Germany for a year. Now she’s asking if she can go to visit but my Mistress can’t see how it can be arranged with everything else. All the timings for our year are in a bit of a mess with having to wait so long for her season in the first place.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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