Thursday 16th June 2011 – Megan is on a diet

Megan is on a diet. She seems to have put some weight on recently and no matter how much my Mistress takes her out she doesn’t seem to be losing it. Oh you can imagine the arguments. She now keeps thinking that Shadow is getting too much food and wanting some of hers. She never gets to mine in time to eat any of that, but she would if she could. She tried stealing the ham of my Mistress’s plate but she was caught in the act. I said to her, if she’d do her exercises more regularly she’d be fine, but she just stuck her tongue out at me. It doesn’t help that she has a thicker coat which makes her look a bit more bulky. I think my Mistress is going to be very careful to lock all the food away and I can’t see the birds getting a great deal of the bird seed for a while.

My Mistress has got a little carried away. She went to the garden centre and they had some plant pots that looked like milk churns and potato sacks. We are now the proud owners of two milk churns, a milk jug and a potato sack all with plants growing in them. The problem is going to come in the winter when they all need to be brought in from the cold. We’re going to need to build a dairy to put them in. I suppose we should have been more authentic and bought real churns rather than earthenware ones. It’s funny how it becomes chic to have imitations of perfectly good originals that aren’t used so much now. It’s sad to think how few cows actually live in our village now. Apparently in the past a lot of people had their own cow. My Mistress can’t actually drink milk, but it would be nice to have a dairy cow for us cattle herding dogs to play with. She could keep the grass down for us at the same time, although I think she might make a bit of a mess at the same time.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind