Wednesday 15th June 2011 – and this is summer

We’re dogs! Is there really anything wrong in liking the taste of compost? You may think not, but in my Mistress’s eyes, no matter that it hasn’t give us upset stomachs and we were enjoying it. No, she has now put so many defences in front of the door to stop us removing it that you could keep your valuables in there. It started with just the door, but that has ended up as a slightly different shape to the opening, so doesn’t fit very well. Then there was a stick wedging it in place, but I chewed the stick. Then there was a large branch, but Megan chewed that. Then there were two branches and a stick, but there are three of us and you’ve guessed it, we all got involved. Now the wheelbarrow has been added to the pile and there is no chewing the wheelbarrow.

My Mistress wants the summerhouse to be more usable for more of the year. On a hot day it is great and we can sit down there sipping our drinks with the doors wide open. In cold weather, it is no laughing matter. The summerhouse does cold more effectively than anywhere I know. The answer would appear be to insulate it. My Mistress is now measuring up to put in some insulation, then cover it with boarding and decorate. I’ve asked if we can then have a little chaise longue down there, as I’ve always fancied one of those and the girls have put a bid in for some curtains. It could become a real home from home by the time we’ve finished. We probably need a path down the garden to get to it as well. I thought maybe stepping stones set in the grass but I may be making it too complicated.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind