Tuesday 14th June 2011 – loyalty amongst thieves

It turns out that it is possible to make my Mistress scream without any spiders being involved. To be fair, she seems to be getting the hang of spiders and wasn’t phased by the one living in the bathroom the other day, until it was a choice of eliminating it or sharing the bath with something with enough legs to scrub its back, paint its toe nails and play the piano all at the same time. Anyway, it wasn’t our bathing friend that caused the problem. It was when my Mistress came out of the bathroom to find that one of the three of us had brought her the present of a still warm dead bird and left it right outside the door.

Proving that there is loyalty among thieves, or in this case Entlebuchers, we refused to say which one of us had done it. In her usual detective like fashion, my Mistress tried to work it out. She knew, or thought she knew, it couldn’t be me as I would have followed her straight upstairs and would not have spent time in the garden without her. All that meant it must be one of the girls. Then I put it to her that maybe the bird had flown in and been caught in the house, but she said there hadn’t been enough noise and there wasn’t enough mess for that. Shadow is the one who chases things and at the moment she is also the faster of the girls, but I think that is just my Mistress building a case against Shadow, because she doesn’t want to believe it is Megan. None of it helped the bird who was most certainly dead and had to be taken outside. We have been asked nicely, but very firmly, if we could refrain from repeating the incident. I think my Mistress’s words were along the lines of, if she had wanted a cat she would have got one and if we weren’t careful we could be traded in. I don’t think she means it, the bit about trading us in. She wouldn’t be without any of us really.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk