Sunday 15th May 2011

Before she went to Edinburgh, my Mistress was working on sending out review copies of her book so that people could read it and tell others about it. She is even intending to send a copy to Boris Johnson seeing as how he is mentioned in the book and given it might appeal to his sense of humour. Of course, as he is trying to improve the workings of London’s public transport he may not be quite so impressed, but my Mistress does say that all things considered she admires the job they do. She has set up a website for the book and when she went to London last weekend she took a few photographs that help to make some quite good illustrations.

I don’t think I have told you about the solar lights. Five years ago for their wedding, my Master and Mistress were bought a number of sets of solar lights. Some of them weren’t necessarily located in the best places when they lived in Belgium and didn’t work. In fact by that stage even when moved they didn’t work. When they moved into our current house, my Mistress carefully put them round the edge of the drive in the front garden. To begin with only one worked and my Master said she should get rid of them, but she persevered and eventually three of them had started working on a regular basis. My Mistress was feeling rather pleased with herself and willing the others to start working too. All would have been well if my Master hadn’t reversed at an odd angle and run over two of the ones that were working. My Mistress thinks it was a deliberate act of sabotage, but he says it was an accident. She is now seriously thinking of buying some new ones to replace them.