Saturday 14th May 2011

It would have been so much easier to follow the list of instructions for the weekend that my Mistress left for me if I hadn’t dropped them in the washing up bowl, whilst it was filled with water. I’ve tried drying it out, but the paper has slightly disintegrated and there are key pieces of information missing. She’ll never leave me in charge again if I make a complete mess of this. For a start I can’t read which programme setting I am to use for the washing machine. I know it matters if I get it wrong and I really didn’t want to have to ring to ask her. My Master says he knows what temperature to cook a pizza on so he has got all the information he needs. The girls were trying to tell me that they should get more food but that one was easy as there is a marker on the container and I’m not completely stupid. Megan asked if I was going to take her out for a walk, but I said I thought I ought to leave that to my Master as I don’t think my Mistress intended for us to go out on our own. I do miss my Mistress when she goes away. The worst part is 5am when I’m ready to get into bed with her for a cuddle and she’s not there. I stand patiently by the side of the bed, but my master doesn’t stir. It really isn’t the same without her. I can clamber onto her side of the bed and breathe in the smell of where she should be, but it isn’t the same without someone lifting the cover for me to get in and snuggle right up to her body. We do have a very special relationship.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind