Monday 16th May 2011

Well at least my Mistress is now back to get us into some sort of order. There is only so much I can do and I wanted everything nice for her when she came back. It is a great drawback to a dog not to have opposable thumbs. Humans simply don’t realise how lucky they are. I just hope she isn’t expecting me to be in charge for a whole week when she has to go to Switzerland with Shadow. I think I would have gone completely grey by the end of it. I think my biggest worry for that week will be who looks after the plants. Most of the seedlings will have been planted out by then, so as long as it rains it won’t be too much of a problem but I do struggle with the hosepipe and the watering can. It wouldn’t be so bad if I actually liked water, but when I do try the hosepipe I usually find some of it dripping up into my fur and along my paw. It really isn’t a pleasant feeling for a dog.

Of course, my biggest worry is that she has to go when we are due to have visitors next week and that I have to look after them as well as the rest of the family. If I’m not careful I’ll be run off my paws. I suppose I could work out a schedule and see if Megan is prepared to share the work with me. She is always a willing worker even though she hasn’t started to pursue a career of her own yet.

I’m itching to get on with publishing the best bits of the first year of my blog to Kindle but my Mistress has told me I have to be patient. She is busy doing the marketing for the book she has already launched and wants to complete the writing of the first chapter of her next book before she does anything further on mine. She says I need to be patient, but that is easier said than done when it’s something this exciting.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind