Friday 13th May 2011

Now I’m not a superstitious sort of dog, but on balance I’m all in favour of spending today in bed. My Mistress has set off to Edinburgh for the day and my Master has set off for London, so I think they are seeing how far away from each other they can get. We’re happy as we have a friend coming to look after us for the day so that we aren’t on our own and every so often it does make a nice change to have someone different to annoy.

My Mistress has left a brochure on the side with holidays in log cabins on every page. I can only assume she has left it so I can choose where she would like to take me. I don’t need one of the places with a ‘hot tub’ on the decking. They usually involve water and if it’s all the same to you I don’t really do water. I wondered if we could get one in winter with a log fire and be snowed in so I can just look out at a winter wonderland but not have to go anywhere. I could have a whole week snuggled up to my Mistress with a good book. It says you can take two dogs, so Megan could come too, but Shadow would have to stay at home. I need to get a map out to see where these places are. I suppose the problem with going in winter is that we might not be able to get to them in the first place. Perhaps we should just move a bed into the summerhouse and pretend, although we wouldn’t be able to have a log fire and the electric heater isn’t very good so we could get very cold.