Thursday 12th May 2011

It is all very well having two large poplar trees at the bottom of the garden but they are very effective at trying to reproduce. Wherever their catkin type seeds spiral to the ground they not only leave a trail of little fluffy bits of tree that allow the seeds to float to safety, but a few hours later a new tree appears. The summerhouse is now surrounded by a few hundred miniature poplar trees. On the plus side it is now in its own self-made clearing in the wood, but on the downside we won’t be able to get in if the trees are allowed to grow. My Mistress has resorted to taking the lawnmower to them in the hope they may admit defeat and give up.

Megan has to go to see a special animal dentist in Harrogate. Obviously I’d rather not be going to a dentist but it does sound quite exciting. I don’t know how soon she will have to go, she has to wait to be sent an appointment. She said it made her feel almost human, but I’m not sure whether in the circumstances that is a good thing or not.

My Mistress has been planting out a few of the seedlings she has grown. When I say ‘a few’ she planted 20 marigolds one day, 20 more marigolds the next day and then got bored with planting marigolds so moved onto the Dahlias. She still has another 80 or so marigolds to plant, but I have no idea where they are going. The Dahlia seeds came free with a letter advertising some financial product and how it grows. The seeds have certainly done well and we are very grateful for them, but the rest of the marketing literature went in the bin.