Friday 29th April 2011

It is wonderful to have another bank holiday in England today. It means having the whole family around. I’m not sure if anyone is planning to watch the wedding, but I suspect it will be one of those things on in background while they do other things and glance at it occasionally. I think my Master thinks it should be part of our education. My Mistress is more excited about the cover for her new book. I can’t show it to you just yet, but I’m sure she’ll let me when the time is right. The artist who has designed it has done a great job and it looks exactly as she would like it to. Now she just needs to finalise the edit of the book and put the marketing plan in place before it launches. What is really exciting is that I think it is my turn next. I think after this book then the first book version of Alfie’s Diary, which covers the first year of my life, is due to come out. We already have the cover for that or at least the image for it. We still need to do the lettering on the front and the bit on the back.

You will be delighted to hear that the new dog gates arrived yesterday and that one of the jobs for this weekend is to fit them. To be honest the way the girls are pestering me I think I’m starting to see nothing but benefits from having them in place. As long as I can still go where my Mistress goes it shouldn’t be a problem. I’m rather hoping she might teach me how to open and close them so I can still go where I please. After all, by her own admission, I’m not trouble when I’m on my own and I can’t think she means to exclude me from anything.