Saturday 30th April 2011

I may have told you that we were trying a new webhost called ‘Fat Cow’ well sadly we’ve moooved on. We were trying to transfer one of our websites to them but it was left out to graze. It’s a shame, as they really did look very good, but it turned out they couldn’t cope with our particular sites because of the endings. You wouldn’t think it could make that much difference, but it seems it does and we haven’t chosen standard ones. We’ve had to go to somewhere with a boring name that doesn’t give the opportunity of making jokes of a bovine nature. On the upside though, they have managed to retrieve our lost site and the other transfers are going ok. You may wonder how it will affect you, but it will mean that at some point I will be moving my blog. They have got some software I can use that is better than what I’m using right now. If you want to be prepared you need to make sure you are saving as your favourite and not the one that starts with blogware. It won’t happen for a little while as my Mistress is planning to move her own website first as that will be a quicker process than rebuilding five years worth of mine. The complication is that almost all the old pages of mine get read every month, so we do need to move it all rather than just start again. I think it might be a job for a rainy month or two. It’s a good job I write it all in Word and then upload it, rather than writing straight onto the website. Of course, now might be the time to regret that most of the changes I’ve made, where I’ve spelt things wrongly and Granny sends me an email to tell me, have been made directly onto the website. This could take a while.

I forgot to tell you that we had TV cameras at our hog roast yesterday. They came to film our village celebrations. I think ours was the biggest event in any of the villages around here. It had to be a very big pig to feed everyone.