Thursday 28th April 2011

One of the Fuchsias that my Mistress planted the other day has gone missing. There has been a full enquiry and no ones is owning up. We have suggested that it might have been a rogue cat coming into the garden but I don’t think we have convinced my Mistress of that. I suggested to the girls that whichever of them had done it should make absolutely sure the evidence had been eaten or hidden otherwise there would be more trouble to come.

Today the bunting is going up in the village ready for the celebrations tomorrow. I’m not entirely sure whether people are celebrating the Royal Wedding or the Hog Roast, but either way everyone is looking forward to it. The best I have managed is to ask with my best puppy dog eyes for a doggy back of the meat to be brought home to us. My request is being considered. The real problem we have is that my Mistress likes hog roast so much there might not be any chance of it reaching home even if she did get some for us. I can just see her now, eating it on the way. Oh, she’d feel when she got here and would give us a substitute of a biscuit or two, but I really would prefer the meat.

There is now less than a week until Megan’s test in dog training. She and Shadow have been practising in the hope they will pass first time. To be fair, Megan is doing very well as long as there aren’t too many distractions. She will be having her test at the end of everyone else so that being in season won’t put the others off. Shadow says if she can pass her tests in Switzerland then she thinks she will be ok.