Wednesday 27th April 2011

Megan has not understood that I cannot give her puppies. What is a boy to do when a girl comes and stands right in front of him every five minutes and sticks her bottom in his face? I’ve been trying to sleep in my basket and I keep being disturbed in the most off-putting manner. I’ve tried explaining to her. I’ve even suggested to my Mistress that I would be happy to sit in the crate if it would give me some peace. I’m glad this only goes on for a couple of days. I don’t think I could stand it much longer than that.

Stop me if I’ve already told you this, but there are moments when my Mistress can only be described as stupid. She has bought some very nice pet gates for the doorways of some of the rooms to restrict where we go. Now in principle I don’t approve of being restricted but in reality I do understand some of the problems and I am in favour of some aspects of the plan. It will mean that when Shadow has her puppies she will be safely the other side of a gate and not able to attack either me or Megan if we get too close. That has to be a good thing. At least it would have been if my Mistress was competent with a tape measure. She measured the doorways before ordering. However I think she measured with a fantasy tape measure as the doorways are only 74cms wide and the gate fit opening from 75cms upwards! If you are following this, you will realise they don’t fit. Now she is having to grovel to the company she bought them from to see if they will exchange them for the correct size.