Tuesday 19th April 2011

Order has been restored. I have my Mistress back. It was a big responsibility trying to keep the house in order while she was away. I was getting quite tired from trying. Now I can just relax and snuggle up to her, which is by far my favourite pastime. The girls are full of stories about their trip. For both of them it was the first time they had stayed in a hotel. For Shadow it was her first time going abroad. I was able to sit sagely and listen, smiling to myself as I’ve done all those things. The only real problem is that having a week together, the girls are even closer to each other and at times I feel a little on the outside. I am also a bit worried and jealous about how close to my Mistress Megan is getting. I don’t want to wake up one day and find I’m no longer her favourite.

It’s all fairly quiet now really. My Mistress says she needs some time to catch up with everything from while she was away. The girls are quite tired from their journey and James is away for the rest of the week. At least now the weather is warmer we can have the back door open when it’s dry outside so that we can go in and out when we please. I do like to be able to go and have a forage around every so often to see if the birds have left me any birdseed to eat. Shadow likes to see if there are any plants to nibble or butterflies to chase and Megan just enjoys chasing me then sitting in the sunshine. It’s not such a bad life really.