Monday 18th April 2011

It’s a very busy day today. We need to get everywhere tidied up before the girls come home. The washing up has been collected from around the house, the washing has been done and the vacuum cleaner has been fully utilised. The only problem we have is that none of us really remembers where everything has to go, which means that putting things away can be a problem and you just know that the minute my Mistress walks in she will spot something out of place. I had an argument with my Master about which order the knives go in the knife block. I remember my Mistress explaining that the sharpest goes on the right and the least sharp on the left, but I can’t remember which is which. We were resorting to using them to cut things to see which was easiest, but then had to wash them again. By contrast the cutlery rack would have been easy if we hadn’t used all the cutlery off it. If we had left one of each then it would have given us a clue.

My Master is of the opinion that a mug is a mug and it doesn’t matter which cupboard they go in. I know that will all change when my Mistress comes home. She knows whose mugs are whose and they are put away so that each person will find their own mugs wherever the place they are used to looking first. It also guarantees that her happy smiley mugs are there when she wants them, which I think is the main objective. It’s a good job my Master hasn’t used many saucepans. They only fit in the drawer of you get them in a particular order and none of us know what that is.