Wednesday 20th April 2011

This is Megan here. Alfie said I could write today’s diary while he had a cuddle with my Mistress. She is reading him the book that he was sent as a present by our friends in Switzerland. It’s all about a fox that climbs the mountain every day to light the lamp at the top of the Niesen. I wanted to sit and listen too but my Mistress said I can hear it later and it was a present for Alfie.

It was lovely going to see my Mum and my family in Switzerland. I met one of my half sisters and I wanted her to come home with us, but she can’t so I will have to visit her regularly instead. My Mum is expecting another litter of puppies very soon. She is keeping well but is quite large now. I would have liked to have stayed to be around when they were born, but Mum said she prefers to be on her own right now, so it was better that we came home. Shadow went to have a sniff and ended up with a cut as a result so I think it is better that we listened to her. I’ll leave Alfie to tell you about some of the exciting bits tomorrow too, as it’s more his news than mine.

I was pleased that Shadow and James liked Switzerland. Shadow passed her tests and now we are sorting out which dog she will get to mate with. It’s all very exciting. It means she will probably get another trip to Switzerland quite soon. It’s a very long way to drive and my Mistress is feeling very tired now. She is having a quiet couple of days in an attempt to recover.

I miss my Mum and Swiss family now that I’m home, but it is nice to be home too. It’s like I have two homes and I’m a very lucky little dog.