Friday 8th April 2011

I really need to talk to you about a very important issue. You city dogs probably don’t face this, but out in the country it is something that is all too apparent. I’m very concerned about soil degradation. There we were walking in one of our favourite places and not only did we encounter what can only be described as a sand storm, but there was a whole beach of sand covering the track. Megan was thrilled and wanted to stay and play in it, but with the sand whipping across the field and into our eyes, I didn’t want to stay. Then Megan spotted the dung heap. I presume they were going to use it to improve the soil quality and stop it all blowing away, but Megan had other ideas and it was only a stern word from my Mistress that stopped her from getting stuck into it. She looked so disappointed being asked to leave it alone.

Anyway, despite the dung heap, I am very concerned about soil degradation and it just shows why it is so important to keep the hedgerows in place. Obviously the birds nesting would appreciate it too, but it is very worrying to see the topsoil of a field being literally blown away.

I am very proud to say that Megan and Shadow are top of their training class. Megan has been doing particularly well although is less keen to sit still between her turns to do exercises. She is really enjoying it, which makes the whole experience a much better one for her. She is already asking about the next classes when she has passed the exam for this one. I think success may go to her head. To be fair she is enjoying the time with my Mistress as much as the actual classes. It’s a time when she doesn’t have to share her with me.